Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Resurgence

I was cruising down the streets of Sugar Hill last Thursday December 16, 2010 enjoying my vacation and thinking... Damn 2010 been some sh*t! Lotta good happened this year. Lotta bullsh*t happened as well.

In the end tho? Im still happy to be here. Been working hard as always, even though I got slowed up this year due to a newfound blessing and curse in disguise. Regardless of what, Im paying my bills and handling my family B.I., which is more than I can say for a lotta cats at da moment.

Classified Recordings is in a state of Resurgence. Due to a wack mishap I had to shut down But Im workin on a new website wit a new url. Planning to have CDs and t shirts on the site. All of that will be coming soon. A lot fitna pop in 2011. Did a lot of chasing in 2010. Now Im moving onto phase 2... gettin the people to come to me. Obviously, this aint't gon be an easy task, but I been working on how I can make it happen.

Better Than Fiction will drop in 2011 more than likely on Classified Recordings. Also looking to drop an album entitled "Thinking Out Loud" which will hopefully be my defining achievement. Following that Im looking to complete an album entitled "Spectrum" featuring my man IV on production. Our group name is UnderCurrent.

Also got a couple of EPs Im hoping to finish. Bout to step up production something serious.

I'm also looking to drop an instrumental album featuring my non-sampling production. Tentative title is Southside Lullabies. Check to hear the old new joint "Changes". Also got a link to the first single from Better Than Fiction on da page. Song is called "Wonder".

So there's a lot coming. Im ready to show yall my potential.

Please stay tuned...



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