Monday, August 30, 2010

Illest Lines In HipHop

Due to the good folks over at, I feel compelled to do an entry at this VERY moment even tho its almost 2 am and Im bent as hell from a day of recording, gettin righteous, drinking wine wit seltzer (did you know wine had twice as much alcohol as BEER? My bad Ceez but that sh*t is f*ckn amazing) then I did a whole lot more recording.

But I been thinkin bout them Lite Posts NahRight be having and Im surprised I ain't saw one yet about Hip Hops Illest lines.... suprised or didn't beat me to this.... maybe they did and im just playin myself.

Maybe not tho!

So Ima pick a random few that i think are potentially the illest friggin lines a emcee has come up wit. In no random order..... ofcourse hahaa... yeaa Im cheatin... do suttin....

Big Daddy Kane - "Put A Quater in ya Ass cause You Played Yaself" - This line is sooo friggin crazy caue for one he spit it on the Symphony wit cats like Ase, Craig G and ofcourse The Kool Genius of Rap goin for lyrical supremecy on that shit. Wit that ONE Line Kane took it.

Big L - "Known To Catch More Bodies Than Abortion Clinics" - I ain't really gotta say much about that one. And that was in like 92 93 if Im not mistaken offa single called "Devil's Son". L was The Future. God Bless ya Life Lamont Coleman.

Kane West - Now I Gotta Preclude This by Saying Im Not The Biggest Fan of this Fella. His Beat Game is Crazy. Give Him That All Day. UnfortunatelyMy Bias Stems From A Personal Encounter at a Instore for Graduation in 2007. Save That Story For Another Entry. Maybenot. Regardless, when this man said the line I'm about to say, he damn near made me choke on my pepsi when he ended his verse with, "Ima Tell You like George Bush Told Me/ Fuck You Niggas Im Outta Here!" - Now thats some funny ass real Shit. I Ca See Dubya Sayin That shit...

2Pac - "Even Tho You was a Crack Pheneeee Momma/ You Always Was a Black Queeeeeen Momma" To Say Something So Raw to Anybody, let alone ya MOMS, and the wild contradiction of the description, full of pain and admiration all in the same line, that line just might be the most simple, complex lyrical phrasing in HipHop.

Nas - "That Buck That Boughta Bottle Coulda Struck The Lotto" - Nas Is The GOAT is my opinion. I think there's NO ONE that can do what he does and in the same token he can do what everyone does if he wanted to. But wit that line da God Nasir symbolized the juztaposition of hope being outdone by dispair all in one line.

GZA - "Keep it Brief Son/Half Short Twice Strong" - Anybody doin any type of expression, not just emcees, should take head to that jewel GZA dropped back on that Wu Forever "As High As Wu Tang Get" in 97.

Jay Z - The Whole Damn "Can I Live" Pretty Much. "Convenient Amnesia". "I Rather Die Enormous Than Live Dormant/Thats How We Onnn Iiiit!"

Raekwon - The Whole Spot Rusherz from The Purple Tape - Can't Even Quote That Shit. That Was Movie Rap before Rick Ross...

I Know Im Wildin But I Take My Lines Seriously Too Sheeeiiit. Since 95. Ask DJ Envy. My man JP caught this one... "All Fours Hardcore Thats My Lil Freak/She Do It For Tha D Like Eminem Over a Dilla Beat". I Got a Few. "Nobody Beats The Biz Its Diabolical" - Might Need to be Over 30 for dat last One. Maybe 32...

Lemme See If Anybody actually Reading This Shit. if So hit me wit some lines....


Can't forget a few crazy lines that just came to me from some of the top spitters...

Lord Finesse said in 89 I think - "I Got So Much Game I Run Wit My own Cartridge" - Thats Friggin crazy....

Canibus said - "Whenever The Head Is Severed From the Human Body Witta Sharp Enuff Weapon The Brain Remains Conscious for 10 Seconds/ Long Enuff For Me To Give Ya One Last Message/ And When You Get To Hell You Ca Tell /Lucifer I Said It!" - I Know Thats More Than 1 Line But Maaan Thats Friggin Canibus. on hot 97 IN 1997.

I Read a PunchLine (from eMC) line where he said in like 98 "You A Pain in the Ass Like Anal Sex" - Thats Hard For Back There... uhhh Pun Intended? back then .... yea...

Method Man Is One of The Best. Tryin To think.... I Remember a dude quoting him on the Q7 Bus by John Adams High School back in 94 from Tical. He said "When im Good Im Goood When Bad Im Better" - Ahead of His Time. He Bodied That New Black Out Album. He said, "I Think Harder Than These Young Niggas Think They Is..." Speaking of Which...

RedMan - "I Don't Give a Fuck I'll Slap Blood Outta Midget" - RedMan is a GOAT. The GrandFather To Ludacris, Pops To Canibus, Eminem, shit even Big Mafuggin Pun.

Big Pun - This Dude Said, "First it Was Nasty Nas Now Watch Me Turn The Apple Into MacIntosh" - Fuckin Unstoppable. God Bless ya Soul My Genius...

Tony Yayo -"Make a Quick 20 Mil and Vanish in Thin Air" - Truer Words Where Never Spoken my G

50 Cent - "Treat This Shit Like A BackCatcher/ Show a Sign and The Throw Somethin At Cha" - Gangsta Grizzills!

Eminem - Dude Goes In On That New Album - "Call me Elton John/ Cause Im Just a Mean CockSucker" - hahahahaaa That White Nigga Crazy!

Fabolous - This Dude Is A Problem - "Wit Ya Fake Ass They Should Call You Booty Shots" -ahem Nicki! ahem... "Rims So Big Midgets Use Em As Body Mirrors"

Lil Wayne - Found Out He Had Lyrics on them Sqad Up tapes back In Like 2000. Wayne Got Lines Man.... Just can't Think Of None Right Now...

What Does It Matter? Yall Ain't Paying Attention Anyway.... if so gimmie some Wayne Lines....


  1. "Believe all you rap specimens, need to proofread my rap reference/beFfore you're left hangin from your vas deferens" -- Rah Digga "What's Up with That"

  2. I really need to take my arse to bed, but you have me thinkin about lyrics now...

    "I'm the pinnacle that means I reign supreme. And I'm notorious I'll crush you like a jelly bean." that's classic!

    Basically the entire "Warm it Up Kane" is filled w/one liners and punchlines, but Imma quote - "Single-handed, I ain't with that band stuff/Cause Cee'll scratch a record like flakes of dandruff"

    "Whether the coupe on F or coupe on E/I can get ur chick on E/See through her dress, get the address/Give her the F, pass her to E/
    They say the best things in life are free" -Freeway

    "You say you number one wicked selecta/
    I say you punani and I wet cha" - Smif n Wessun "Sound Bwoy Burriel"

    "Life gets hard when you can't handle your own erection." - Nickelus

    "For all the n*ggas I war for/Blow the four four for" - Illa Ghee <---that's some hood brotherly love ...I feel like that when Im on my Catholic school girl gone gangsta ish.

    Antouka...m'ale Junyerrr...bonne nuit.


  3. lol Wayne has some dope lines but all I can think of are funny food lines like "I'm all over the bread like sesame seeds" or "tell a girl like doritos thats not yo cheese"

  4. Thats some dope lines u got there Dub... i like the Freeway line...

    Waddup DJ A.I.! Hahha that doritos line is classic. His A Milli joint got maad lines. Im dying to hear hos new shit now that he picked the pen back up since the Rikers stay...