Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cash Rules...

Sat down on a stoop in Southside tonite and vibed wit my OG. A dude that lived the life most of these so called "gangsta rappers" wish they could portray. It still bugs me out to see how mellow he has become in the last few years. My G was saying how the hood is getting to him and how there seems to be a dark cloud over "this war zone we call home". I agreed, saying how the hood reminds me of a ghost town because I look at certain spots I used to kick it at and I see people that are no longer here.

We talked about our crazy ass neighbors and how a next door neighbor's filth can affect us, the people living next to them. We talked about our fathers and how stressful it can be to deal with them and their expectations versus our own. We talked about finding ways to maintain. My man mentioned how he knows maad millionaires but has never been the type to try an eat off the next man's plate. I agreed wholeheartedly.

Then he brought up something that put things in perspective. He mentioned my oldest Brother, whose going thru some rough times and has been for a lil while. He said that my Brother "whines about his problems. Nobody wants to hear any whining. You think YOU the only one wit problems?"

That hit me especially hard.

I did a lil whining just the night before via an email blast. Attached to that email was one of my most personal joints off my new album Better Than Fiction.

Got hardly any reaction. And I think I mighta figured out why.

Goes back to what my man said about my Brother. Nobody wants to hear bout problems when they got their own to be concerned wit.

I always thought that if cats ca relate to the theme of the song then they gon dig it.

My man said another thing that stuck wit me. He said that in order to have a plan to make moves then you gotta have steady income.

I know what thats like. Worst thing is to not know when or where you gon make ya next dollar.

I wanna salute all the paper chasers. Cause its real in the field right now.

Cash Rules.... Get Yours......

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