Sunday, July 25, 2010

Entry Numero Uno

Whats Good Digital World! Figured I'd get down with the blog craze meng... I got a lot goin on in my head so I might as well share it yaknow? So here goes...

Maan I know Rick Ross ain't the most authentic but that song "Tears Of Joy" is friggin incredible. Ceelo bodies that shit and the beat (even widdout the snare) is just insane. I like Rawse's flow on that shit too.

Im feeling Fat Joe's new album too. Got some crazy beats on there. The Preemo track they leaked last week is bonkers too. Preem always hit Joey wit somethin special.

I just put up my Late Nites and Early Mournings EP on So peep if u wanna hear some dope free junMaf*ckn music.

My 2nd mixtape Mornings Was HashBrowns is dropping ina couple of weeks. Got some dope features on there so please stay tuned my Geez.

Yo yall hear about homie that got shot in the face in Soho over a parking spot? Who gets bodied in Soho? For all my non New Yorkers, Soho is a ritzy, money makin part of Manhattan wit no type of hood vibe to it whatsoever. Save for rapper extraordinaire doin some shoping for a Prada heinkerchief or some shit. But chea, who gets bodied in Soho? A EMS nigga that let a pregant Black lady die of a heart attack in Au Bon Pain in NYC December 2009 because, according to him, he was ona "lunch break". Yup, THAT dude.

Karma yo... shit ain't a game baby.

Unfortunately I gotta go do some homework for my 9 to 5. Not really feelin the fact that a nigga gotta do work at home for his "job" but it is what it is. Specially when unemployment is as ubiquitous as tight pants and bright colors in the hood right about now.

Sheeeiiit this bloggin stuff just might be fun... Yall Stay Up



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